The base price is for 1 deck plus or minus the choices you make below. Deck design and animation happens in the final month of the 5 month program.
What stage is your company?
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Choose this if you are raising with a convertible note or SAFE
Choose this if you are doing your first equity round
Choose this if you're ready for venture capital funding
Do you want it animated?
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Choose this if you want elegant transitions
Choose this if you only plan on distributing a PDF deck
Do you want it to have video?
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Choose this if you want to add a video
Choose this if you don't need to show a pre-recorded video
What slides need to be designed?
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Introduce a big, agreed-upon problem worth solving
Explain how you overcome the hurdle holding the market back
Describe your product's unique technology or advantage
Show you know your customer and why they'll choose you
Show how you will reach groups of potential customers
Show how much money you make and repeat business potential
Show your addressable market opportunity is big and growing
Show how you challenge incumbents and alternatives to win
Show what your team has accomplished under your leadership
Say how much you need and where it takes you next
22 days30

Client discovery

Plan content

Design slides

Included 03

Story & design

Keynote source

PPT/PDF export 

Next Steps

After you add everything you need, put 2%a small downpayment and Bold will reach out to ask when you want to begin.

2%Mar - July or Sept - Feb
52% + 48% cash + 50% note
2%65 cash payments + 1 note
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